Radiant floor heating provides even heat from the floor up.

Hydronic radiant floor heat offer the most even, energy-efficient temperatures throughout the entire home. 

These systems work by circulating warn water through cross link pex tubing under the floor surface.  Radiant floor heat can installed with all different types of flooring including, hardwood, tile, stone, concrete, and even carpeting.  It can also be used to melt snow and ice from sidewalks and driveways.

Radiant floor heating work in "zones" and therefore you can adjust temperatures in different areas of the structure at the same time. 

Advanced Heating Technology is proud to carry  Uponor and Comfort Pro radiant floor heating products. 

Runtal Radiators and Baseboard Heaters

Runtal's stylish line of radiators

Buderus Panel Radiators

Runtal radiators can blend into a traditional home decor or make a statement in an ultra modern design. From "stock" style baseboard to designer color towel warmers -  there is sure to be Runtal Radiator to fit your customers needs.

Combines tow types of heating - convection and radiant for a better comfort.  With the unique "FlowSetter" valve on all Buderus panel radiators, the installed can quickly and easily regulate water flow thought the radiator room by  room.  These radiators come in a multi-layered, powder - coated enameled white finish and can be custom painted to match any decor.

Buderus Panel Radiators