Keeping it GREEN for over 30 years.

Advanced Heating Technology, Inc. is dedicated to supplying the contractor with alternative HVAC systems.  With over 30 years in the geothermal industry we have been involved with thousands of residential and commercial projects. Many of these projects included several types of heating -  including both radiant floor and hydronic heating. Advanced Heating Technology has had the opportunity to work with contractors on such high end projects as the German Ambassador's Residence in Washington, D.C. and Hanger 19 at Andrews Air Force Base.


Today, the thermal "geothermal heating" is used to refer to the heating/cooling that is derived by the use of a geothermal heat pump.  In heating it involves pumping cool water through a series of pipes (referred to as a loop that contains antifreeze) buried under ground.  As the water circulates through these under ground pipes, it absorbs heat from the ground where it is extracted via the unit's heat exchanger, augmented by the units' refrigeration compressor, and delivered to the home as warm air.  By switching the direction of the flow, the same system is used to reject heat and circulate cooled air in the summer months.

In the 1970's our founder built the first "green energy" home in Lewes, Delaware.  This would begin the journey to seek out and provide to the contractor an alternative to traditional HVAC systems. 

typical vertical loop system

typical horizontal loop system